The importance of customisation and brand uniformity

The Twenty3 Toolbox was created for a variety of reasons. 

For those not familiar with our story, we started life as a fan-facing publisher called Football Whispers. Like many of those in the world of football media, we had access to raw data feeds and it was a bit of a palaver involving multiple people to get what was required. 

Armed with the data, writers would then go to the design team to ask for a graphic. As a new company looking to grow their brand in this sphere, we knew that informative, shareable and digestible pieces of content weren’t just a luxury, they were a necessity. 

However, with a team of writers all covering multiple angles on a daily basis, the demand placed on the design team was too great. It was a similar story with the data science team. They’d have to spend far too much of their time making the raw data presentable and understandable for writers to use in articles and videos. 

The Toolbox was born out of the desire to free up our data science and design teams. We wanted to remove them from the daily struggles to concentrate on the larger products and features. 

There have been plenty of refinements and upgrades along the way, but the Toolbox is now made up of the Football Lab, Smart Graphics, Insight, Discover, and Power Reports

Squawka, Sky Sports and LiveScore are some of the big hitters in the world of football content who use the Content Toolbox. 

Our products are built with their interests in mind. 

The Toolbox improves efficiency and productivity all while catering to a perpetually evolving market. The public is increasingly engaged with how data supports stories meaning visualisations are key to this. 

One element of the Toolbox which we feel is critical to our success is the importance we place on customisation. 

When we had Football Whispers, we wanted the garish green to stand out. The Twenty3 colours are at the opposite end of that, but just as unique. 

With the explosion of data in football over recent years and the ensuing scramble to get to grips with it, there’s been a spate of unbranded data visualisations posted within articles and across social media. 

There’s no uniformity across articles and each design is at the whim of the creator. 

Some are really detailed and get a lot of traction, but nobody knows where it originated or who it belongs to. It is a missed opportunity from a brand point of view. 

Everything created within the Toolbox is unique to your brand.

An example of a Squawka template in the Content Toolbox with various different styles and colour options available

We want it to feel as though someone from the in-house design team was responsible for it. 

The design team work with clients to come up with bespoke templates to fit their requirements. Not only are we eager to showcase data in the best way possible, we’re also acutely aware of how vital branding is to social media growth. 

Our approach is that a graphic should be able to stand up as a piece of content without the need to be used within an article or a video. For this to be the case, it has to be informative and, well, eye-catching. 

The best brands are those who can post a graphic without their logo on and you know it belongs to them. 

We help our customers maximise the potential of football data. Whether you’re a data novice or already an expert, the Twenty3 Toolbox gives you the tools to do your job quicker and better.

If you think your organisation – whether in the media, broadcast, agency or pro club sector – could benefit from our product, you can request a demo here.