A fast, powerful and intuitive platform which allows recruitment and performance teams to produce cutting-edge analysis and reporting at speed and scale.

Our mission with the Analytics Toolbox is to give the power back to analysts so they can focus on the things that matter to them; analysing opponents, scouting potential new recruits and assessing internal performance.

Our tools empower people and give them the freedom to do their jobs quicker and better.

We built the Analytics Toolbox with the flexibility to fit seamlessly into your current data ecosystem. So, if you’re already happy with your data processes, you can still take advantage of some of our unique feeds – visualisations, stats library, custom metrics or insight & trends.

Customisable data presets enable you to automatically populate additional components around player and team information, statistics, and even graphs and charts, for further context.

The Smart Reports tool allows you to create better, more insightful reports quicker than ever before and at scale.

Key Benefits

  • Branded, detailed reports 
  • Visual, analytical insight 
  • Image library 
  • Integration with your image provider 
  • Multilingual 
  • Significant increase in efficiency

An automated reporting tool that allows clubs to generate entirely bespoke reports in bulk.

What used to take hours, now takes minutes. To be exact, a download made up of 150 in-depth player reports is ready in just seven minutes.

Key Benefits

  • Custom list building via entity search
  • Save lists for use later
  • Import lists such as player IDs via CSV upload
  • Import custom metrics and third party data such as physical metrics or contract data
  • Bespoke report templates, designed entirely to customer specification

The Event Lab allows users to manipulate and work with data in their own way with a fully customised experience.

Everything from creating and building your own stats, defining your own custom locations on the pitch, creating your own lists of players to analyse, examine passing angles, event lengths, distances from goal, event start and end locations and a whole host of other things.

Essentially, if it’s ‘in the data’ you can now make use of it in an actionable way.

Key Benefits

  • Deep filtering capabilities
  • Create entirely custom metrics
  • Ability to save all filters or custom events as a ‘View’
  • Views can be exported and downloaded as CSV files
  • Ability to break down individual events in molecular detail
  • Highly intuitive ‘drag and draw’ Custom Location tool

Deep-filtering functionality allows you to delve further into the analysis, whether you want to discover how your centre-forward’s shot map varies home vs away, or how the opposition’s passing network differs between the first and second half.

All of our visualisations can be customised with your brand colours and are ready to export in just seconds. 

Analysts often have a small window of opportunity to present their ideas to coaches; our visualisations help get your message across quickly and effectively by illustrating the game in an easy-to-digest format.

Visually compelling analysis, your way.

Key Benefits

  • No need to spend hours designing your own visualisations
  • Branded and bespoke colour themes
  • An innovative way to display data 
  • Filtering functionality for deeper analysis
  • Easy to digest and understand

Twenty3’s resident Wolves fan and Nuno enthusiast, Emily is responsible for building Toolbox features and making the product functionality as flexible as possible for all different types of customers.

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Insight uses a series of algorithms to discover meaningful performance patterns – whether a team’s xG noticeably changes, or a player is performing significantly better away from home – and displays them through an easy-to-navigate dashboard.

An intuitive follow feature allows you to focus on the subjects that are important to you, whether you need to run an analysis on an upcoming opponent, scout a potential new signing, or analyse internal performance.

Key Benefits

  • Ready-made analysis at your fingertips
  • Discovers key performance trends to save you time
  • Based on a comprehensive unique model so findings are meaningful and accurate 
  • Supported with cutting-edge graphs and visualisations

Its intuitive interface and flexible search functionality mean you can discover, analyse and rank players and teams in a single dashboard, without needing to spend time querying a database.

You can quickly and easily compare metrics across a series of different leagues, seasons, positions or characteristics to find the answers most relevant to you.

Key Benefits

  • Quick and insightful access to data 
  • Deep filtering capabilities 
  • Rankings across multiple statistics 
  • No need to interrogate several different data sources

Unsurprisingly, given his excellent 5-a-side goalkeeper skills, Tristan is very secure with his handling of our regular product release cycles.