Twenty3 agree exciting collaboration with SkillCorner

Twenty3 are delighted to confirm an exciting new collaboration with renowned sports analytics company SkillCorner.

The agreement sees Twenty3 integrate SkillCorner’s Physical data into the Twenty3 Toolbox to offer users an innovative and comprehensive data solution.

SkillCorner, who work with a host of top European clubs across divisions such as the Premier League, Serie A, LaLiga, the Bundesliga and Ligue 1, pair advanced AI technology with broadcast video, enabling them to offer up exclusive, automated, real-time player and ball tracking.

With SkillCorner’s cutting-edge technology, users are able to interrogate and analyse Tracking data from any televised football match, anywhere in the world. 

The Twenty3 Toolbox will provide a broader, more in-depth platform for users to access the full complement of Physical data provided by the Paris-based company for the 2021/22 season.

This innovative dataset is initially available across the following features of the Twenty3 product: Smart Graphics, Smart Reports, the Football Lab, Discover, Insight and Power Reports.

Any customers that are shared by both parties will be able to take advantage of the collaboration.

The long list of metrics features Sprint Count, Acceleration and Deceleration Count, High-Speed Running Distance and Total Distance, to name but a few. These datasets are available both in and out of possession.

Below is an example of SkillCorner data in the Toolbox, to give a flavour of the types of metrics customers can now take advantage of in the Twenty3 platform.

Meanwhile, to help further bring SkillCorner’s data to life, Twenty3’s Development and Engineering teams will look to create cutting-edge bespoke visualisations soon.

Simon McMillan, Twenty3 CEO, offered his thoughts on the agreement:

“SkillCorner’s reputation as having an innovative product with excellent service delivery was something we have heard repeatedly from our customers and potential customers. We are delighted to have integrated their Physical metrics into the Toolbox and are excited about the potential benefits this brings to our user base in both the Pro and Media space.”

The collaboration sees Twenty3 add yet another world-renowned data provider into the data-agnostic Toolbox, offering up further content and analytics opportunities for customers across both Media and Pro.

Twenty3 are looking forward to closely collaborating with SkillCorner in the future to ensure customers can fully maximise the potential of their data.

About Twenty3

Our mission is to help people and organisations – from the media to professional clubs – to maximise the potential of their data, reduce complexity in their lives, and do so in the most simple, speedy and sophisticated way possible.

We have built a set of dynamic, powerful and reliable sports data tools which allow our customers to focus on what they’re best at: producing innovative content and compelling analysis. 

Our proprietary AI technology, the Twenty3 Toolbox, is utilised by leading media organisations, broadcasters and elite clubs across the world to produce forward-thinking, data-rich analysis at speed and scale.

About SkillCorner

SkillCorner is the market-leading football broadcast tracking data provider. Helping teams, media and betting operators with innovative data, insights and products.  

SkillCorner specialises in artificial intelligence (AI) tracking. The company has built an AI-powered video tracking technology based on deep learning capable of recognizing, positioning and following (in real-time), the football players, referee and ball from any match broadcast.

The SkillCorner tracking technology is 100% focused on Football and has been developed following 5+ years of extensive research and development. The business is committed to continued investment in the platform to ensure the technology sustains a market-leading position in terms of data quality and application.

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