The Twenty3 Toolbox: Now available with data included

We are delighted to confirm that the Twenty3 Toolbox, which is trusted by the likes of Sky Sports and leading football clubs, is now available with data included.

Until now, for customers to take advantage of our beloved product, they have needed a separate data licence from a data collection company. Without that licence for the raw data, which is then passed into our product through an API, there was simply no way a company could use the Toolbox.

That is no longer the case, however. 

This now allows companies – across either Media or Pro – to get the data they actually need in a simple, pain-free process.

Now, we can give you the very best tools on the market to bring that raw data to life, for a more competitive price than anywhere else.

Data included and an end-to-end solution that works for you

The fact that data is now included in the Toolbox is a major development. This extensive Event data, which covers a plethora of leagues across the globe, is available at a competitive price without the need for a separate data licence. As ever, we can of course still work with Live and Physical data if customers have an existing contract with one of our data partners.

Along with the data, customers will have access to our full suite of  graphics, analysis and visualisation tools, catered to each user in a way that makes sense for them. 

Tools which allows users to rank, compare and analyse teams and players; interrogate and export visualisations of key events that took place on the pitch; download fully customised, branded graphics for use on digital and broadcast; create your own custom metrics tailored to your game plan; download highly detailed, custom reports to monitor potential new signings; and much more.

With just one company to liaise with and one point of contact to look after you, you’ll get the best customer experience too.

An example of a Toolbox-produced graphic used in a LiveScore article

Unique, flexible and fully customisable

We’re unique in the fact that our product is used in both Media and Pro environments. 

Media teams, such as broadcasters, publishers and football clubs, can publish fully customised graphics at speed and scale with our Smart Graphics feature to enhance their digital content and embellish broadcasts.

While Technical and Recruitment teams at pro clubs can analyse data quicker and better with in-depth custom analysis tools like the Event Lab. And they can automate their notoriously labour-intensive reporting process by leveraging our Power Reports feature, literally saving hours of time.

Sporting Kansas City’s innovative roll-out of the Toolbox across their Technical, Recruitment and Media teams should serve as inspiration for football clubs. 

Firstly, Sporting KC have adopted a forward-thinking, modern approach to help multiple teams within their organisation do their jobs better. Their Media operation can engage fans in new and interesting ways, while the Technical and Recruitment teams can analyse their opponents more deeply and hone in on suitable transfer targets with more precision. 

It’s rare to find a tool that can clearly and seamlessly assist in all of these different areas within the same organisation.

While, secondly, in pure economic terms, it’s simply a very clever way to rationalise costs and get more ‘bang for your buck’ from data provision.

You can read more about the Sporting Kansas City deal here.

Hundreds of Twenty3 Advanced Metrics

Our extensive Advanced Metrics are also available to add further depth and insight. These include every type of xG you could wish for, the increasingly en vogue PPDA, possession-based metrics and plenty more.

Again, these are priced more competitively than anywhere else, offering you more value for less.

This article will give you a flavour of the type of metric we can offer.

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Best value on the market

With this combination of data, our various tools, and Advanced Metrics, we believe the Toolbox is now the most complete, best-value solution on the market. You simply get better features and more benefits for a lower cost.

For more information about the Twenty3 Toolbox, or our other products and services, please get in touch. Or, if you’d like to request a demo, you can do so here.