Introducing Twenty3’s Professional Services offering for clubs

You might know all about our Content and Analytics Toolbox offerings. You might have heard about our Content Services capability too, perhaps as a result of our partnership with LiveScore

What you are unlikely to know about though, is our Professional Services solution.

Put simply, our aim is to help you maximise the potential of the data you have access to. 

We know that you get bundles of data already packaged up in popular presets, but we also know that this isn’t how every club likes to use data. There is no one-size-fits all solution, so why pretend as though there is? People want to use data in a specific way, so we look to facilitate that.  

We’ve worked with countless clubs from across Europe but to really illustrate what we mean by our Professional Services offering, we’re going to use Twenty3 FC as an example. 

Prior to the big recruitment drive undertaken to get McGuire-ball into the football landscape, the newly formed club wanted to get everything in place behind the scenes in order to seamlessly bring their idea to life. 

They had the data – so much data – but they weren’t necessarily able to use it in a way that suited them.

Our analysts wanted to be able to create customisable metrics without having to spend time exporting them from one system and importing them into another. There was a need to blend certain metrics from different providers and/or publicly accessible websites in order to identify players who suited the recruitment team’s profile. 

There was a demand to be able to produce and share actionable information almost instantaneously – whether this was on a web app or via PDF. 

Now, Twenty3 FC could’ve hired experts to carry out all of these tasks internally. Piecing together an infrastructure capable of carrying out all of the requirements is an arduous process. We wanted the experts we hired to focus on contributing towards on-the-field success.

This sort of project requires computing experts, database admins, developers, data engineers, data scientists and subject matter experts. But this comes down to resource allocations. Even if a club was in a position to make these hires, these jobs take them away from what they were originally hired to do. 

T3FC needed an external company to bring their ideas to life. 

The Professional Services team at Twenty3 have the staff required to make all of this a reality. 

Firstly, a Sports Data Platform (SDP) was built. 

In a nutshell, the SDP is a technology platform that collects, processes, stores and presents a variety of data, from a number of different sources, for use in different scenarios. 

This houses all of the data a club wants to work with and puts it on a single platform for users to manipulate how they see fit. It enabled us to bypass what would have otherwise been limited data and opened it up for them to use in a way suited to their needs. 

Within the Sports Data Platform, there are no real rules or restrictions with what you can do with the data. Outputs are completely customisable and bespoke, allowing the recruitment team to use it how they wish and the analysis team to do their own thing, all within the same platform using the same data. 

The club then identified areas they felt needed more information, such as contract expiry dates, agents, valuations and we scraped that information from public sources and synced it with the SDP platform so they could access it all in one place. What previously would’ve been done manually was now automatic. 

We knew there was a big emphasis on accessibility and shareability, so we went about creating a web application that analysts and coaches could update and players could access with unique logins.

Every player had a dashboard with key information on and analysts could then use it to flag certain things, all of which could be reviewed within the app. 

The same web app could be used internally to share scout reports and player performance reports. Again, everything was customisable so users could instantly spot the difference between various reports. 

The result? A database made up of stats unique to Twenty3 FC that fed into an internal club app. A streamlined process that allowed analysts to focus on what they are best at while allowing the club to improve the workflow of all stakeholders involved. 

If you’re interested in hearing more about how our Professional Services can help or potentially streamline your processes, do get in touch.