Twenty3’s Match Centre: The home of live content creation

Twenty3 understand the unique pressure that live sport brings and the need for those across football media to cover the beautiful game with speed, skill and style.

That’s why we created the Match Centre – the home of live content creation within our Twenty3 Toolbox product. Match Centre is a tool which puts the priorities of those in the content engine room first, recognising one of the biggest barriers to their success in the relentlessly fast-paced world of sport – time.

Introduced at the start of the 2023/24 European football season, Match Centre has already surpassed Smart Graphics as our most-used tool, boasting over 70% of usage by our Twenty3 Toolbox customers.

It’s a one-stop-shop for fast content creation on matchday, where you can view, but most importantly export, a wealth of information, statistics, interactive visualisations and graphics. To name but a few elements, these include scores, line-ups, team comparisons, player rankings, and any of our ever-popular match visualisations. All queryable, customised and exportable under one roof and one tab.

A video showing the initial views within the Match Centre

The true game-changing element of the Match Centre is its speed and agility in facilitating graphics production. Think of it as a ruthlessly efficient, ‘diet’ version – but with all the flavour – of our crowd-pleasing tool, Smart Graphics.

In as few as three clicks and five seconds, Match Centre users can export a variety of social and blog-ready graphics, fully customised to their own brand and preferences, and housing our industry-leading visualisations, to win the engagement race and own the conversation on digital.

Part of the beauty of football is its unpredictable nature and its ability to keep you on the edge of your seat, however, this very virtue can also make life difficult for those covering the game on social media or in live reporting. That’s where Match Centre comes into its own.

Let’s take the recent Champions League semi-final second leg, for example, where Bayern Munich found themselves a goal up at the Santiago Bernabeu and had one foot in the final. The worst that they might reasonably have expected in the 87th minute was to have to settle for extra-time. But then, up steps super-sub Joselu, who bags a three-minute brace to turn the game on its head in the 91st minute and leave Bayern – plus no doubt a plethora of those working in the football media – scrambling to react.

Within just a handful of seconds, Match Centre users could – in their own unique style – capture the excitement of the moment with a bespoke, match-relevant graphic.

A Twenty3-branded graphic exported from the above view, which took five seconds to create from start to finish

It’s this level of speed and efficiency that’s proving the difference for our customers and making Match Centre – and our wider Twenty3 Toolbox – now a must-have for content creators across the globe.

Indeed, Squawka’s Head of Social and Toolbox superuser Jake Entwistle was fairly unambiguous in his praise of our product: “I do not work a matchday without the Twenty3 Toolbox.”

And Jake’s not alone. With more hours spent in the Toolbox than ever before, and most importantly, more hours saved for our customers – which include some of the world’s most recognisable rights holders – our product is quickly becoming an indispensable piece of the football content creation puzzle.

With 51 matches set to take place at Euro 2024 this summer – that’s 4,590 minutes of action before you even consider injury and extra-time – the benefits of our Match Centre will be felt greater than ever.

WATCH: We explain the graphics feature within Match Centre

If you work for a football media organisation and would like to learn more about the endless benefits of the Twenty3 Match Centre, please get in touch here or by emailing