Introducing: The Match Centre

Twenty3 are delighted to introduce a new addition to our Content Toolbox – the Match Centre.

The Match Centre looks to fill a gap in our Toolbox offering by adding a dedicated tool for all of your live blogging and game analysis needs.

Though the Toolbox has plenty of match-focused features already, we felt we were missing a dedicated hub that could provide our users with everything they need – while under the unique pressure that live content creation brings.

Here’s everything you need to know, along with some of our designs to give you a taste of what is to come…

Information at your fingertips

The Match Centre allows you to view a wide range of information in one place, from event timelines and match momentum charts that update in real time, to customisable player and match statistics. 

This information will update throughout any given fixture, if viewed in a live environment – or can be accessed at a later point, if you’re reviewing a game following its conclusion.

Fast content & graphics creation

As mentioned above, one of our primary goals with the Match Centre was to build a tool that could cater for the kind of pressure that comes with needing to create content while a match is unfolding.

Something we had noticed with a number of similar tools was that – while they presented a lot of great information and data – there was never a way to directly create something off the back of that.

As a user you’re left to either jump into a completely different tool entirely, or navigate away from that page to somewhere else – in order to to create a graphic, chart, or whatever you may wish to use within a live blog or on social media.

As a result, we wanted to make sure that you can create the types of content you need to, directly from the Match Centre – as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

To do that, we’ve integrated a ‘Lite’ version of Smart Graphics throughout, allowing you to export all the key match content (scores, line-ups, team comparisons, player rankings and more) without needing to go anywhere else.

Interactive visualisations

Our new interactive ‘pitch view’ function means that you can see everything from shots and passes to touches and sequences as they happen – and where they happen on the pitch.

It is then possible to dig deeper by selecting individual events to get more detail. You can see the xG, post-shot xG, distance from goal and shot placement map for any effort, for example.

Every visualisation is instantly exportable too – including formations, average positions and heat maps – so you don’t need to go anywhere else for up-to-the-minute live blogging and social media content.

When is it coming?

The match centre is now available on request to all customers and trialists – get in touch below if you’d like to find out more.