Evolving the Twenty3 Content Toolbox

Every now and then it doesn’t hurt to take a look back and see how far you’ve come. Building the Twenty3 Content Toolbox has taken over two years of hard work for us. What started out as an internal tool to try and save the sanity of our graphic designer – it seems to have worked, he’s still with us – and spare him having to continuously produce the same kind of social media templates over and over again, has managed to grow into a multi-purpose tool used by the likes of Sky Sports and Catena Media

There have been a few pivots and shifts along the way, a complete overhaul of the UI and a fairly painful infrastructure rebuild, so it’s safe to say that things have not always been the smoothest. But, it’s also safe to say we’re pretty proud of how far we’ve come. With that in mind, we thought we’d pick out and share some of the highlights (and spare you the many, many bugs fixes) with a little graphic and the rest of this article.

Album art

January 2019

Added a new feature for users to store their images into albums allowing for easy re-use in graphics. No more uploading every time.


February 2019

Research and development starts on a new feature to allow users to explore and analyse data on teams and players.

Edit card

March 2019

Upgraded the stats feature for Smart Graphics to allow you to change any stat on the fly within templates like Player Cards.

Picture perfect

March 2019

Added facial recognition to the image editor to auto-crop player imagery, saving users having to manual adjust photos to be in-frame.

It’s science

April 2019

Added a new data science visualisation library allowing users to drop heat maps, shot maps and more into templates.

Level up

June 2019

Faster, better, stronger. Performance upgrades making creating graphics faster than ever.

Welcome to the Lab

September 2019

Delve directly into the data; compare players, analyse their performance over custom time frames and more.

Viz, viz, viz

October 2019

Added tonnes of new visualisations to the library including passing sonars, tackle maps and xG maps.

Story time

October 2019

Brand new product added to the Toolbox that alerts you to emerging trends in player and team data.

On brand

November 2019

New multi-brand features allowing you to easily swap elements like the template theme, logos and colours.


December 2019

Data visualisations will now auto-load into templates as soon as you choose your team or player.

New year, new me.

January 2020 

Complete overhaul and new look for the graphics tool. Stripping away a lot of the unnecessary bits for a slim, trim and easier to use product.