Rethinking your betting content strategy with Twenty3’s Content Toolbox

Statistics and data visualisations can drive you more new depositing customers…bear with me on how. 

Over the past four years, we’ve been working with some of the world’s biggest sports publishers helping them create engaging content with data.

This has been achieved through our proprietary platform, the Twenty3 Content Toolbox, which gives brands the power to upscale their production of data-led content with speed and precision.

While our main focus for some time lay with publishers, we’ve also made strides in other types of sports businesses like professional clubs, brands, and more recently, betting companies. And the latter is what I’ll be dissecting in this article because there are some good lessons in there for other betting organisations. 

Before I go into how some of these companies have been using the Toolbox to drive new depositing customers, I’d first like to give an overview of the current market and provide some insight into what has led these brands to use data in their content. 

Saturation and being banner blind

The first point for me is around the saturated market that betting companies now find themselves in and that the everyday punter has become ‘banner blind’ to the traditional model of betting advertising.

For some time now, betting companies have acquired new customers through welcome offers. You’ve probably seen these posted all over social – bet £20, get £20 etc.

This has been a proven model for years now because who doesn’t like a freebie? But times have certainly changed; every betting website will offer a welcome bonus, and there are now even websites that will aggregate the offers to help users find the best deals.

So how do you make your offer stand out from the pack? The truth is they still work, but only as part of a wider acquisition content strategy. We’ve become banner blind to slick-looking welcome offer graphics plastered across social – so betting companies really need to do more.

It’s been drilled into marketers for some time now to provide free value first and then ask for the sale – this has never been truer for betting companies, and later on, I’ll explain how they can do just that. 


If you take a look at the average persona of a betting user, they will typically have two to three different betting apps on their phones. While they may actually only use one app to place bets, they certainly use the others to price match and find additional insight. This provides a great opportunity for betting companies to attract users back. 

What I find interesting about this, is that the majority of betting companies will use most of their budget on acquiring new customers. Putting more of a focus on remarketing to existing users to drive usage presents a huge opportunity missed by betting firms. 

Of course, there are obvious tactics to be played here such as push notifications and running ads against your customers lists but the longer term play lies in creating insightful content for these users. Create content that users come to rely on before placing a bet – putting your brand front of mind at the time of deposit. 

The big players are already tripling down on content

With the betting advertising industry potentially following a similar trajectory to the smoking industry, betting companies need to start thinking about their content output as their number one acquisition and retention strategy.

Paddy Power have been killing it in this space for years with their entertaining, viral-friendly social video content. While this isn’t always much to do with betting, it’s engaging content that appeals to the general sports fan – making them constantly at the heart of the sporting conversation online. 

Not everyone has the budgets and production capabilities of the big players but there are some really cost-effective ways to interject your betting brand into the sports conversation. Simple things like focusing your social content strategy around topical conversations and providing free insights don’t have to break the bank.

So, what next? 

I’m glad you asked. As I’ve alluded to, we’ve been working with betting companies who have recognised the aforementioned challenges and helping them cut through the noise with timely and insightful content.

We do this through Twenty3’s Content Toolbox. 

Timely content

What’s cool about the platform is that it enables literally anyone in a business to create well thought out content – there is no need for a designer or a bottomless pit of football knowledge.

Our customers get access to a suite of branded graphic templates that are automatically populated with data, visualisations and images after just a couple of clicks. This speed allows betting companies to react quickly during games with content that’s relevant to their moving markets.

Imagine being able to publish a graphic that illustrates how much danger is coming through either Liverpool flank in the game, with 60 minutes on the clock, followed by the latest odds on Mo Salah to score next.

Liverpool-Flank-Attacks-Arsenal, produced in the Twenty3 Content Toolbox

Insightful content

Users are beginning to demand more insight from the betting companies themselves, and within the Content Toolbox we’ve got some great features to allow just that.

If you’re looking to do some digging to find insight yourself for a tweet you can quickly access stats through the Football Lab, or you can let our tools drive the data-rich narratives for you…

Our Insight product uses unique algorithms to unearth genuinely insightful stories and trends relating to the players, teams or leagues that matter most to you.

You can then use our Smart Graphics tool to tie all that insight together in one visually compelling, on-brand graphic.

If you’d like to learn a little more about how Twenty3’s Content Toolbox can help drive your betting content strategy, don’t hesitate to get in touch, or send Greg a message on LinkedIn.