Twenty3 announce innovative analytics partnership with Sportlogiq


Twenty3 are delighted to announce a partnership with leading sports analytics company Sportlogiq.

The agreement will see Twenty3 integrate Sportlogiq’s innovative AI-driven metrics into the Twenty3 Toolbox to offer users a transformative, all-encompassing data solution.

Sportlogiq uses advanced computer vision technology to capture Physical, Tracking and Contextual Event data from broadcast video, providing a globally consistent data set for accurate, reliable analysis across multiple leagues. This game-changing technology was recently recognised as the Best Use of Technology for Elite Performance at the 2020 Sports Technology Awards.

In the initial phase of the partnership, Twenty3 will consolidate Sportlogiq’s extensive metrics portfolio into its Smart Graphics and Football Lab tools, before both parties later collaborate to develop an extensive suite of cutting-edge tracking visualisations. 

The agreement represents a major advancement in bringing together traditional and tracking data; a process which would otherwise involve a significant amount of highly complex development and engineering work.

Twenty3 and Sportlogiq will reduce the complexity of this process, and seamlessly provide the end-user with advanced traditional and tracking metrics in a powerful, fast and intuitive interface; the Twenty3 Toolbox.

Simon McMillan, Twenty3 CEO, said:

“2020 has been a challenging year for all industries but I’m very proud of the progress we have made over the last year. There’s no greater endorsement of this progress than the establishment of our partnership with Sportlogiq. We feel that the combination of Sportlogiq’s advanced analytics with Twenty3’s insightful and user-friendly Toolbox will be a compelling combination for Media and Sports organisations.”

Sportlogiq are already world leaders in advanced analytics for ice hockey, changing the way teams analyse performance and recruit players, and work with the vast majority of teams in the NHL.

Twenty3 will work with Sportlogiq to mirror that success across the football media and professional sectors, providing clients with the tools to produce better, quicker and more meaningful insight than ever before.

Craig Buntin, Sportlogiq CEO, commented on the partnership:

“At Sportlogiq, we’re committed to using our cutting-edge computer vision and AI technology to enable clubs to make better decisions, and for the media to tell better stories. Our Physical, Tracking and Contextual Event data allows us to view the game in a whole new way, adding extra context and surfacing never before seen insights into performance.

“This partnership with Twenty3 allows clubs and media outlets of all sizes to access this information easily, and within a user-friendly and innovative user interface. We believe that this combination of advanced football data and market-leading user interface is the next step in our development of our offering in football, and we look forward to working alongside Twenty3 as we bring new insights to clients of all types.”

Twenty3 are excited to collaborate with Sportlogiq to push the boundaries of football data and offer customers the most innovative, intuitive and complete analytics solution in the industry.

About Twenty3

Our mission is to help people and organisations – from the media to professional clubs – to maximise the potential of their data, reduce complexity in their lives, and do so in the most simple, speedy and sophisticated way possible.

We have built a set of dynamic, powerful and reliable sports data tools which allow our customers to focus on what they’re best at: producing innovative content and compelling analysis. 

Our proprietary AI technology, the Twenty3 Toolbox, is utilised by leading media organisations, broadcasters and elite clubs across the world to produce forward-thinking, data-rich analysis at speed and scale.

About Sportlogiq

Sportlogiq is Sport’s Sharpest Edge. 

We are the world’s sports analytics leader, using cutting-edge AI technology to produce unique sports data and performance insights. These insights provide an edge to teams, leagues, media organizations, betting operators, and rights holders of all sizes. We use a variety of techniques to collect and analyze sports data, allowing our partners to discover contextual insights and derive value from them in brand new ways.

Sportlogiq partners with professional sports teams from around the world, including NHL, NFL and MLS teams, and leading broadcast networks. We are the Official Data Partner of the Swedish Hockey League, the Official Insights Partner of the Canadian Premier League, and the Official Statistics Partner of the National Lacrosse League.

For further information about the partnership, please contact Twenty3 Head of Customer Data Services, Lauren Mitchell, via, or Sportlogiq Global VP of Sales and Business Development, Blaine Patterson, via You can learn more about Sportlogiq here.