Release Totti: The one With Figma integration and SVGs

Release Totti, named after the ultimate one-club man and AS Roma legend, has largely been focused on the groundwork for a couple of exciting developments including a new data provider integration (more on that soon), as well as developing a new way we (and our customers) can create Smart Graphics and data enable them directly from within Figma itself. 

This is something we’re particularly excited about as it really lays the foundations for a variety of new tools and feature enhancements.

Away from that, as is always the case with our Twenty3 Toolbox releases, there were several other smaller additions and improvements to our beloved software.

Read on for a breakdown of our latest product release.


  • NEW SVG Outputs – Added the ability to export Smart Graphics and Viz (including those available in the Football and Event Labs.

New Stats

  • NEWAdded Position Shortcodes as mappable stats within Smart Graphics for player entities.

Data Providers

  • We have completed the majority of the work for the full integration of a new provider as a base data provider. We’ll be releasing an official announcement on this soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that…

Event Lab

  • Fixed a rare occurrence in the Event Lab where Lists would not populate as expected.
  • Improved load times for the Stat Breakdown modal.

Football Lab

  • Fixed an issue with team names repeating in hover states on graphs and charts within Analyse.
  • Improved colour coding of player names in graphs and charts in Analyse.
  • Fixed an issue where hovering over players close to the X axis in graphs and charts in Analyse would cause the hover state to become cut off.
  • Fixed an issue in Analyse where using the custom time frame filter, along with a team entity, would cause ranks to become stuck.
  • Also fixed an issue where custom time frames would cause scatter plots to enter this same loop.

Power Reports

  • Added an additional ‘Archive’ button to the Create Power Report screen as another route to navigating to exports.
  • Significantly improved load times for the Power Report Archive.


  • Improved the translation of a number of terms in Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Added a loading state in the Match Centre when selecting gameweeks.
  • Various other smaller bug fixes and performance improvements.

If you would like to know more about any of the features or fixes listed above or would like to hear about what we have planned in the future then please feel free to get in touch.