Alan explains the power of the Twenty3 Toolbox for the media during Copa América

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Summer is around the corner and it promises to be an action-packed one for football supporters.

In Europe, all eyes will turn to Germany and the latest European Championship – but across the Atlantic Ocean in the United States the focus will squarely be on the Copa América.

Argentina, spearheaded by the incomparable Lionel Messi in the country of his residence, will be determined to retain the title they lifted in Rio de Janeiro back in 2021 and, if they do so, will overtake neighbours and bitter rivals Uruguay as the most successful nation in the competition’s history.

I know exactly how busy journalists and content creators will be throughout the summer.

While my personal experience lies at the European Championship rather than the Copa América, I have lived and covered football in the Brazilian cities of Salvador de Bahia and Rio de Janeiro and am well acquainted with many Argentine, Colombian and Uruguayan supporters from my years living in Spain.

And now – through my role with Twenty3 – I remain close to the South American game, given our ties to the region and the increasing amount of business we’re doing across the pond.

My pen may no longer be as sharp as it once was but I still get to experience firsthand the enthusiasm and excitement engendered by media organisations across broadcast, digital and betting, when they fully understand the potential of the Twenty3 Toolbox.

I know from personal experience that access to such software would have made my life significantly easier as a working journalist during a tournament like the Copa América.

The Content Toolbox (CTB) enhances the storytelling capability of media outlets, helping them to put data at the forefront of their work in order to enrich content, elevate audience engagement and promote credibility.

This is a marriage of storytelling and speed – the CTB is well-suited to the fast-paced world of tournament football and is optimised to facilitate live content creation and relieve pressure on end users.

Its fundamental selling point is that it can help content creators produce top-drawer graphics and visualisations with lightning speed, as well as help those less initiated in the world of data to understand the power and necessity of advanced metrics in contemporary coverage of the beautiful game.

Imagine, for instance, you want to create graphics showcasing the passing range of Albiceleste captain Messi or the goalscoring prowess of Brazilian forward Vinícius Júnior.

Through the CTB you can quickly and easily produce graphics showcasing both of these things with clarity (for these examples I’m going to use recent performances of theirs for Inter Miami and Real Madrid).

That image can be uploaded to X, shared on Instagram or included in a live blog.

It’s of the highest calibre and takes no time or effort to make – which comes in handy when you consider the volume of football that will be played throughout the Copa América this summer.

Only Twenty3 can arm content creators with such potent weapons.

The CTB also strips away reliance on others – such as a busy design team – and gives power to content creators themselves, resulting in increased autonomy, a streamlined workflow and, ultimately, more time spent on content and less on administration.

Back in my journalism days, I was very much a writer first and foremost. Other strings to my bow, like elements of graphic design and the weaponised use of heavy-duty data, were always secondary to my pen. That’s where the CTB would have proven an essential companion to my work.

What’s more, the deep customisation features available within the software ensures every customer enjoys an experience and an output bespoke to their objectives. This ties into the CTB’s multilingual capability, which enables users to operate in whatever language they need to without losing a step.

These are the reasons many of the industry’s biggest hitters – from Sky Sports to William Hill – use output generated from the Twenty3 Toolbox as part of their coverage of global football.

If you’re interested in understanding more about our software, what we do as a business and whether our offering is right for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me by clicking the button below.